An Innovative Way to Capture Big Savings on Medical Expenses

NewPayHealth enables you and your employees to:

What is NewPayHealth?

NewPayHealth is a revolutionary platform that helps companies and their employees save money on medical expenses. By uniquely leveraging Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), NewPayHealth allows companies to unlock new revenue while increasing employee compensation — at no cost and no risk.

A company with 800 employees could recover
$ 0
in the first year with NewPayHealth.

We can help you estimate your potential savings in just a few clicks.

Significant tax benefits for your employees

Initial average cash reimbursement of over $1,200 per eligible employee in the 1st year

Reliable, effortless new company revenue

Average initial tax refund of over $300 per eligible employee in the 1st year

Increased employee comp without increased costs

Better attract & retain talent, boost employee satisfaction

Increased employee HSA participation & savings

Improve benefit utilization while lowering healthcare costs for your employees

Patent-Pending AI-Based Approach

1. Identify

We scan your payroll & benefits data to identify employees with HSAs and HDHPs

2. Verify

Our AI platform analyzes employees’ past medical bills to verify their eligibility for tax deductions & reimbursements — up to 10 years retroactively

3. Recover Savings

We seamlessly and securely handle all required financial transactions to pay your employees and your company treasury directly

We're healthcare, finance & technology industry veterans.

NewPayHealth is powered by a team of seasoned professionals from across healthcare, finance, and technology.

Our senior leadership brings decades of combined experience at companies such as Google, Athenahealth, Ouro Global, Canopy (the first online HSA, acquired by Aetna), Mercury Bank, American Express, and Safeway Health.

We look forward to serving you from one of our offices located in:

Los Angeles

San Francisco

San Diego

New York City





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